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Artesian and Solway water has been delivering quality water to the Mahurangi community for over 15 years.

The water is sourced from natural artesian aquifiers , including the reputable Solway water and delivered in stainless steel food grade tankers, ensuring the quality water delivery customers have come to know.

“We are proud of the quality of water we deliver. Having exclusive access to such an amazing resource allows us to continue to supply quality, chemical free water. Every year we have customers who would rather wait a week or more with no water to ensure they get ours, that’s how popular it is.”

“Being able to live and work close to home is invaluable and we are supplying an essential service to our local community. I meet many interesting people and challenging jobs along the way and pride ourselves on the reliable and efficient service we provide.”

The water in an aquifer can be held beneath the earths surface for centuries

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