Providing natural, refreshing, chemical free water

Ministry of Health approved and regularly tested for household water tanks, pools, commercial use, drilling and more…

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Delivering quality artesian mineral water throughout the Mahurangi region for over 25yrs

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Fresh clean water…

No added chemicals or chlorine

Safe and regularly tested, Ministry of Health approved

Soft water with optimum PH for health

Sourced from a natural artesian aquifer

Fast and efficiently delivered in food grade stainless steel tanks


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We supply soft artesian water from deep underground aquifers. All of our water has a naturally refreshing taste, with a great local reputation and is chemical free.


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We deliver water for any requirement throughout the Mahurangi & Rodney regions. We take pride in delivering you naturally fresh water for you and your family to enjoy.


Around 70% of the Earth is covered in water, but only around 1% is readily available for human use