FAQ and Pricing…

Are you a registered carrier?

Yes we are on the register of drinking water carriers which is renewed annually, following assessment of our safety protocols, water testing and compliance. We are fully Ministry of Health (now Taumata Arowai) approved. Our water is approved for being suitable for drinking . Register of Water Carriers 

We also follow Taumata Arowai guidelines which involves regular e-coli testing, strict cleaning and health and safety procedures.

What are your prices?

Prices vary according to location and requirements from base price of $290 incl for 10,000 litres. Base price applies to central Warkworth and Matakana, Omaha, Point Wells, most of Mahurangi East, Whangateau and most of Tawharanui. The price will be texted and emailed immediately on booking, so you are aware of the cost before the water is delivered. Alternatively you can contact us for a quote.

Extra charge of $50 applies for difficult to access roads, drives or tanks, more than 40m of hose required, splitting a load of water between tanks or neighbours (where is requires re-location of truck).

Sunday and Public Holiday deliveries will usually incur an additional $50 surcharge . We also charge an additional fee for urgent deliveries, when we are fully booked. This is to cover the admin time contacting  booked customers to accommodate. There is no additional charge for same day deliveries in the non peak seasons.

Regular business customers can apply to have an account with competitive rates.

What type of water do you deliver?

The best! We are proud to be the only carrier we know of locally that delivers TRUE Artesian water (naturally bubbles from the ground). This is natural mineral water for drinking, which is chemical free and alkaline (soft).  See our page ‘About our water’ for more detail. Our water is VERY popular.

Our water is tested regularly by a Ministry of Health approved lab and consistently exceeds the requirements for water quality.

What access do you need and do i need to be home?

Our tankers need driveway access of 3.5m wide and vegetation / overhanging trees need to be trimmed back or delivery cannot proceed. If we arrive and cannot deliver safely or without damage to our trucks full charges will still apply.

If the tanker is required to access your tank by using a paddock or on grass, please consider alternatives, such as neighbour’s driveway – with permission. Dogs need to be contained and gates left open where possible. The drivers get in and out of the truck all day long, one less occasion to do this, is much appreciated!

We don’t need anyone to be home at time of delivery unless there is a particular reason. You can provide us with instructions, gate code, location of tanks etc…  

Can we cancel if we book in advance?

For deliveries booked more than 10 days in advance, reminders are sent approx. 3-5 days before delivery and we require a confirmation in order for the delivery to proceed. Once confirmed we send an invoice.

You can reschedule / cancel any time before 3pm the day prior. If cancelling after this time we will process a refund, but a $50 admin fee will be retained. However, if we arrive or are on route and have not received a cancellation, the job will be charged at full price.

See our Booking and Cancellation Terms for more details

Will sediment in my tank get stirred up?

The pressure of the water going into your tank will disturb the sediment lying in the bottom of the tank.  Allow the water to settle and clear before using it for drinking or cooking for at least 2 hours. If you have an excessive amount of sediment the stirred up sediment can block your filter and we would advise getting your tanks cleaned with Mobi-kair Rodney.

How long does it take to fill my tank.

Once we have the hose hooked up, approx. 10-15mins for 1 load. Depending on how big your tank is, multiple loads may be required to do a complete fill. Most tanks are around 23,000 litres (although this can vary significantly) so one load will fill an empty tank less than half.

My tank is difficult to get too, can you still deliver?

The standard price covers hose to 40 metres. We can roll out hose up to 80 metres, but we would need to know in advance as we need to have additional hose on board. For anything over 40 metres an additional charge applies. We have tankers better suited to narrow driveways and harder to reach tanks, so please let us know when booking if there are any access difficulties we should be aware of.

Can you deliver less than 10,000 litres?

Yes we can, however as the costs incurred in the transportation and the time taken for our driver to deliver remain the same, we charge for the full tanker load, regardless of how much of it you take.

How often should my be tank cleaned?

Our water goes into your tank clean, but can become contaminated by bacteria or other potentially harmful substances in your tank.

The Ministry of Health recommend your tank should be inspected at least annually and cleaned if necessary by a tank cleaning contractor. We recommend Mobi-Kair Rodney

You can view online MoH information pamphlets on how to keep your tanks safe from contamination  Water Collection Tanks and Safe Household Water, MoH

Will you let me know if my tank is dirty?

In the process of filling your tank if we observe your tank looks exceptionally dirty we will let you know and recommend you get it cleaned. Often we do not see in the tank when filling depending on how your tanks are set up.

A recommendation to clean your tank is in no way a directive because we are only the carriers of drinking-water. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure your tanks are checked and kept clean and the water is not being contaminated, but our friendly drivers will be happy to advise where possible.

Why are your stainless steel tankers better?

Stainless steel…

  • Maintains water purity (No substances are released or leached into the water)
  • Resistant to corrosion and very durable
  • Fully recyclable and contributes to sustainability

How do we pay?

Our drivers do not use eftpos. You can pay online or credit card over the phone 09 425 0086 (surcharge applies).

Internet banking: Artesian Water 06-0483-0148674-00

An invoice will be texted and emailed on booking if due within 10 days. For any advance bookings over 10 days the invoice will be sent once the booking is confirmed post text reminder (3-5 days pre-delivery). Payment must be made at least the day before delivery (unless on account or otherwise arranged)

Each day we lose a little more than a cup of water when we exhale it

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