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Most people just drink what’s available without thinking about what it contains. Not all water is the same. Tap water contains chemicals and chlorine which can contribute to skin disorders. Pure water is physically processed to remove all impurities, but also removes healthy minerals.

We pump our water from deep naturally occurring ‘aquifers’ which act as reservoirs for groundwater. Natural artesian water seeps through the ground undergoing natural filtration of impurities, while gaining essential minerals along the way.

Many think the taste of water is improved by low concentrations of naturally occurring minerals and there is increasing evidence showing they can be beneficial in fighting and preventing certain heart and cardiovascular diseases, as well as many other health benefits.

Other Benefits…

All of our water is alkaline (soft). It excels the standard for safe drinking water. We test all our water regularly to meet the strict Ministry of Health Guidelines and have detailed safety plans and cleaning procedures in place, which are reviewed annually and Ministry of Health approved.

Soft water helps to maintain the body’s natural acid-base balance,  supports the immune system and oxygen transportation in the blood. It also prevents lime-scale build up in pipes and electrical elements.

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What people say about Artesian and Solway Water 

As a business dealing with Holiday Rental Accommodation water plays a large part of our lives during summer. Great water and a reliable delivery service are the key factors for us 24/7, and at times I found the staff at Artesian and Solway water to go beyond the call of normal service and if need be pull out all the stops for us to get water into a property, to keep our many guests happy. As a property manger I cant ask for more than that. I highly recommend them to all in the area.

Maureen Travers

Managing Director of Omaha Beach Holiday Rentals omahaholidays@clear.net.nz
At Daily Organics we pride ourselves in using the best possible ingredients, therefore, water quality is very important to us. Artesian and Solway Water provides us with the highest PH water we can find. This has many health benefits by being so alkaline and in turn that enhances our products.


Brewer of Daily Organics
Without question Artesian Water have been a saviour at the Lodge. When we need water we need a quality product and as fast as possible. The service is impeccable, they do their utmost to deliver efficiently and swiftly I highly recommend the team at Artesian and Solway Water , simply the best water delivered promptly whenever we need it.

Jill Christiansen

Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid. Wherever it travels, water carries minerals, and nutrients with it.

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